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    That was where my question was coming from. I understand that the money is in TV revenue. Just find it hard to believe that there are enough eyeballs on those early 6-6 games to make it worth it for advertisers.
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    Watching the mayo bowl. They have prostituted the announcers to push every type of mayo available. Very low class. Nothing more demeaning than pretending to like something live on tv.
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    Remember the bowls are not regulated by the NCAA (even when they had teeth). The bowls exist primarily for promotion and the teams participate voluntarily. If you don’t like it, folks don’t have to watch and teams don’t have to go. It’s a free country.
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    Creaky, it is TV so what the sponsors have to decide is nationwide tv sets; what percent of eyballs does ESPN say will watch in any given 30 minute block. Even a small percent will be a large number so the justification is the marketing cost per expected eyeball is low.

    Also, remember ESPN doesn't have to pay their Einsteins (aka Knuckleheads) (aka know it all's who blubber) for 3 hours while the game is on.
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    I read this week that these low level bowl games still have higher ratings than the best NCAA basketball games during December, so we will continue to have them.
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    Thats not surprising in comparison to basketball. I grew up playing and played all the way into college. Today basketball is a very different game and its just not fun to watch any more. Its just run around the 3 point line and look to jack the ball. No team and no defense. Other than the weave out top, when was the last time you saw teams actually run plays? Really crazy range but very very unentertaining as evidenced by the viewing audience.
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    Kaiser Bob, is that you? :fiestanana:
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    Negative ghost rider!!
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    I have visited your schedule nearly every day.
    Thank you for taking the time to put it together and posting it,:clap::thumbup::hookem2:
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    So far the only descent bowl has been Ole Miss and Penn State. The others have really sucked. I have a die hard fsu fan and after the absolute beat down yesterday he just says "well we had 14 guys sit out". Lots of that happening but that and the portal are ruining the bowl games. Havent really heard of any solution to help but they better figure out something.
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    Kirby Smart said as much after their game with FSU. He obviously didn’t like the fact that it wasn’t even close to being competitive, which is a disservice to the game and the fans and the players who showed up.

    I don’t know the answer but if the players are getting paid now I think there should be some responsibility on their part to honor a commitment to play all the games or pay a price.
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    well, Sark has blasted that moniker of 8-win Steve that some have mentioned.
    I am sure he is going to look calm cool and collected tomorrow night with his big smile and coach speak going.
    "this is why you come to Texas".
    But come game time if you were to thump his balls they will clang like the liberty bell in a hollow chamber.
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    This NIL crap has almost decimated the game. Once everyone saw the ags buy the #1 recruiting class it just exploded. Kids on scholarship already get room and board and a stipend (not talking about podunk u). Thats not a small number and try paying for it if you disagree. I have said before in college, teams may have a few stars but it takes a full team so cap the NIL and make it be paid to the entire team. These guys getting the big money cant do it alone, at least most of them.
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    I said NIL would ruin it and I see nothing but validation. Only something like Legend says above, one pot split by all and what someone else says ‘you don’t play you don’t get paid’ will save the sport and that ain’t gonna happen. Maybe ‘saving the sport’ isn’t the same thing as ‘saving the games’ heck I don’t know anymore. Just sack Penix Horns, that’s all I’m focused on right now.
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  16. I_Dont_Exist

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    There's been a number of "decent" bowl games depending on how you define.OU-AZ was a very good game and Clemson -Kentucky was a great game. As always the solution is don't start or keep watching. How tough is it to change the channel? Pretty sure I learned how when I was 5-6 years old.
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    I must admit I was entirely unprepared to read this little nugget! LMAO
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    Hollow chambers are the creepiest..that’s why I keep mine packed full of tools and stuff I’ve collected over the years
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