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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Every team needs several Shay Holle types.
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    Hate to see her go to Baylor
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    Saw her in several occasions lsst year. Unfortunately nothing past the first couple of district games.
    She runs the court well once she gets her long legs moving. Took a pass and made a layup like Amina did Sunday. Has a nice shooting motion along the foul line. Ebo last year had a penchant for what seemed like just throwing the ball at the basket. Abbie has a legit shot. I couldn't help thinking to myself "Jack Sikma" ( for you old guys). She just needs to learn when to shoot and when to pass the ball .
    I think offensively her game will mature as she is developed. Am curious to see how she does defensively. As mentioned, it takes a second for her footwork to explode. A year in training should help her with that.
    Definitely a project but like the long term outlook.
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    Thank you for this! I'm sure Vic and his staff will get everything out of her, and develop her to full potential. That's his M.O.
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    This has to be a punch in the gut to Texas A&M's Joni Taylor. Mom having been a former swimmer at A&M was not enough to keep Wagner in state.

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    Probably the best fit for for her. Wishing Sammie well.
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    Yes, in terms of playing style, looks like a good fit.
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    Agreed. He's had similar players to Sammie, in particular the Westbeld kid. Players that are tweeners who lack a little foot speed, but are really skilled. I think Joni's style of play is similar to Vic's in that she wants a little more athleticism.
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    I have no clue as to which program or style of play is best for her. But, after being verbally committed to two different in-state schools, it would have made sense that staying close to home was high on her list. But, proximity and being part of a partial Aggie family still not enough for Joni to land her.
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    When Wagner decommitted from Texas, she stated that she was concerned if our style of play was the right fit for her. So, I would have assumed that schools she visited officially after that would be programs whose style of play were good fits for her; otherwise, why spend the time giving them consideration? I believe A&M, USC, and Oregon were among her official visits; not sure if any others.
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    Flower Mound beat LD Bell by 21 last night. Maddie Cox had 25 points. Boutilier either didn’t score or didn’t play. Nine players scored for FM so perhaps Boutilier didn’t play.
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    Girls basketball: Flower Mound duo signs with national powers Texas, North Carolina State

    At 6-9, Abbie Boutilier will be the tallest player in UT history; Maddie Cox joins three sisters who played college sports.

    FLOWER MOUND — Abbie Boutilier has always been the tallest player on the basketball court. She was 6-foot in sixth grade, and by the time she got to high school she had grown to 6-4 or 6-5.

    Now, the 6-9 Flower Mound senior post player will be the tallest player to ever play for the University of Texas.

    Boutilier signed with UT on Wednesday, the first day of the early national signing period for sports other than football. The Austin American-Statesman reported that 6-8 Ellen Bayer was previously the tallest player in UT history. The tallest player on this year’s Texas team is 6-5 junior center Femme Masudi.

    “I think it’s really cool,” Boutilier said. “I’ve always grown like four inches a year.”

    It was a big day for the Flower Mound girls basketball team, as four-star senior forward Maddie Cox signed with North Carolina State. Boutilier and the 6-3 Cox both signed with teams that reached the Elite Eight last season and that started the season ranked in the top 10 in the nation, with Texas at No. 3 and North Carolina State at No. 10.

    Boutilier is the No. 2-ranked recruit in the Dallas area, and Cox is No. 3. Cox is rated the 71st-best player in the nation in the Class of 2023 by ESPN’s HoopGurlz.

    Cox’s parents both played college basketball, and she has three sisters who have played college sports. Her oldest sister Lauren was a three-time All-American in basketball at Baylor, was the No. 3 overall pick in the 2020 WNBA draft and played two seasons in the WNBA. She now plays professionally overseas in Spain.

    Whitney Cox plays basketball at Lubbock Christian, and Kaylee Cox plays volleyball at Missouri. It made for some intense family competitions.

    “H-O-R-S-E games, anything, you name it, it was really competitive,” Cox said.

    Kaylee won a state title and was The Dallas Morning News all-area volleyball player of the year as a sophomore in 2018, and Lauren was a McDonald’s All-American and was the nation’s No. 1 recruit. Did Maddie feel any pressure following in their footsteps at Flower Mound?

    “I think when I was a little bit younger, but as I got older, I was like, ‘I’m my own person,’ " she said.

    Girls basketball: Flower Mound duo signs with national powers Texas, North Carolina State

    Player School Height Pos. College
    1. Kylie Marshall Mansfield Lake Ridge 5-11 G Committed to Texas A&M
    2. Abbie Boutilier Flower Mound 6-9 P Committed to Texas
    3. Maddie Cox Flower Mound 6-3 F Committed to North Carolina State
    4. Julianna LaMendola Coppell 6-1 G Committed to Indiana
    5. Victoria Flores Duncanville 5-9 G Committed to TCU
    6. Jadyn Atchison Cedar Hill 6-1 G Committed to Colorado
    7. Amarachi Kimpson Little Elm 5-7 PG Committed to UNLV
    8. Savannah Catalon Mansfield Legacy 5-7 G Committed to Seton Hall
    9. Imani Morris Duncanville 6-4 P Committed to Memphis
    10. Salese Blow Plano 5-11 G Committed to Wichita State
    11. Lydia Cooke-Wiggins John Paul II 5-6 G Committed to Stephen F. Austin
    12. Joy Madison-Key South Grand Prairie 5-8 G Committed to Tulane
    13. Reagan Jackson Kennedale 5-9 G Committed to Cincinnati
    14. Jordyn DeVaughn Frisco Lone Star 5-6 PG Committed to Air Force
    15. Camryn Tade Southlake Carroll 5-10 G Uncommitted
    16. Maddie Heiss Bishop Lynch 5-10 G Committed to Buffalo
    17. Torie Sevier Denton Braswell 6-4 F/C Committed to Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
    18. Kelis Grant Cedar Hill 5-7 G Committed to Sam Houston State
    19. Tatum West Crandall 6-2 P Committed to Northern Colorado
    20. Katelyn Jones Argyle 5-8 G Committed to Siena
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  21. Jacob Johnson

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    Also have..

    Jade Clack Austin high 6-1 W committed to TCU
    Aubrey Reid Austin high 5’10 G commited to UTA
    Shanel Reid Austin high 5’10 G commited to SMU
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    Did not realize Gisella could travel with the team once she enrolls. It makes sense just not something I’d thought about before.
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    Early enrollment is so smart for Gisella to rehab her knee with the Texas training staff. The added benefit is being around the players, coaches and culture as well as learning the playbook.
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    It's interesting. Vic gets very few players in the top 20, and his classes are ranked well, but generally below the perennial powers. And yet, on the court his teams are extremely competitive with all of them. Some perhaps even avoid playing him. What does this say about recruiting rankings, recruiting to fit, and a coach's ability to find who he wants and develop them into a team to be reckoned with? I'm certainly down with what Vic, and his team, is able to accomplish.
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  28. flash34

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    On Thursday night, Flower Mound best Bishop Lynch by 6. Maddie Cox had 34 points. Don’t know if Boutilier played. Six players scored for FM but nothing for her. Two games with zero points. No mention anywhere about injury so probably playing, but just playing D.
  29. flash34

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    Just noticed Fkower Mound also beat Crowley Thursday by 6 with Cox scoring 21. Must be in a tournament. No points for Boutilier. I’m now guessing she’s hurt. With 3 games played and zero points, it seems illogical Boutilier could not score one basket somewhere.
  30. LutherIsMyDog

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    Thanks for the updates on players of interest from the metroplex. Keep an eye out for info/stats on Adhel Tac and Taliyah Parker of South Grand Prairie.
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