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    I wonder if the 2019 Coronavirus scare will be a bigger story a year from now than the waste-of-time impeachment trial? Right now it's just an epidemic in China with thousands infected and at least 81 dead. Will it become a pandemic like the 1918 Spanish Influenza, or is it just another Bird Flu scare?

    Five confirmed U.S. cases. All the U.S. infected traveled to Wuhan. No human-to-human transmission within the U.S. yet. But, we here in South Texas are potentially on the frontline of this thing. There are Chinese trying to get into the U.S. illegally through the southern border that are mixed in with the South American migrants. Can you imagine if the virus gets loose in that crowd?

    This virus looks like it will be tough to get a handle on. It has a long incubation period during which the infected person is symptomless, but infectious. Monitoring people for fevers at the airports is only going to detect people that are symptomatic not the ones carrying the virus but not yet sick.
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    When will libs, dems, and media (I know, they are all the same) blame this on Trump and his trade war/tariffs on China?
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    The Left's immigration policy is an absolute despicable disgrace.
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    American Airlines among others has cancelled flights from LA to mainland China.

    I hope mchammer has changed his plans.
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    Yes, see the HK thread. Company banned travel to China.
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    sadly, they required a little coaxing. but it seems that they've decided to pass on the liability of transporting more of the virus to the US. that's a good thing.

    the latency of the symptoms is what is really concerning. quarantine has to extend to 2 weeks before being cleared back into "general population." That will get difficult at best.

    Any read about vaccine? Will flumidine neuter this one too?

    I read one report which clearly sought to diminish concern ... "routine cleaning" will stop the virus.

    ... yeah, until an infected person puts the virus on that surface which was just cleaned ... two weeks ago. I'd expect food sources are susceptible. hot foods ... cold foods ... both become lukewarm petrie dishes.

    good luck. But this seems to be another chime of the wake-up call.
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    i’ve read that they think it is mainly spread by droplets, not so much by air born particles, so that would make sense.

    one reason United, American, and Delta suspended all flights to China (besides pressure from the unions) is that if they transported a sick person back in one of their planes, they’d have to sterilized that plane, which is very expensive. The China route is very lucrative, especially for United.
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    Can't say I blame the unions on this one. Lol
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    My GF and I were at the movies Friday and it was before the advertising came on so it was somewhat quiet. I started coughing and being quick and witty as I am I told my GF out loud that I’ve not been feeling well ever since I got back from China. Then I said it must be jet lag. My GF looked me and then started laughing once she got it. We were laughing at what they must be thinking. They didn’t seem too concerned.

    I wonder if that’s like yelling fire in the movie theater? :yikes::facepalm:
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    for the aircraft? Yeah, it’s called Heavy C check where the aircraft are stripped-down to just a shell. That’d be the only way to sterilize it. Pops used to be a crew chief at Alliance North of Ft. Worth. It was a BIG project. Lotta specialist departments ... but the systems group was the lead in the tear down/rebuild.

    I was referring to the suggestion that a routing wiping of a counter top or a train hand rail would allegedly suffice ...

    yeah, until an infected person followed the cleaning of the surface.

    I’m on a trip right now. it’s amazing ... even a bit eery how many people are wearing the little paper masks while traveling.

    I have to admit, I’m using more of the santi wipes on cockpit controls ... and my hands rather than the lavatory sink.


    Be careful out there.
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    A Chinese company called Tencent may have inadvertently listed actual Chinese Coronavirus stats very briefly. They then quickly retracted them and replaced them with the Chinese government approved numbers.

    Tencent may have accidentally leaked real dat... | Taiwan News

    I don't think anybody thinks the Chinese government is telling the truth, but if these numbers are anywhere close to true, this thing is a monster.
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    Pretty soon it will be.

    I was standing in line at a pharmacy to pick up a prescription (which had nothing to do with having a cold or the flu or anything respiratory) and I had a coughing spell. When I stopped, I looked back and the guy who'd been crowding me was as far back as he could get and still be considered in line.

    This is going to be big -- I'm afraid.
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    We have guidelines for screening all patients for overseas travel and being symptomatic. Heard on a podcast that this one travels like SARS (which is bad) but isn't near as deadly (2% compared to 10% - good). Influenza is like 0.0143%.
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    True. However, the coronavirus is more contagious than SARS and the incubation period is ridiculously long. It's still scary, especially for someone that has respiratory issues like me.
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    I hope you stay well. Who else would I....check that, there's plenty of people to argue with here. Stay well anyway.
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    We here in San Antonio are getting 250 Coronavirus evacuees today! Woopee! They're to be housed at Lackland AFB, about 5 miles from where I'm sitting right now. Lackland has about 3,000 employees, many of them military who travel all over the world. What could possibly go wrong, go wrong, go wrong.....
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    I'm with you brother. I have COPD. It's well controlled. I can still ride my bike 40 miles at 15-16 mph. But, even a routine cold knocks me down for weeks. I don't even want to think about catching this monster. It would be curtains for sure.
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    I have very severe asthma that isn't well controlled with modern medicine. I'm living at 60% lung capacity sitting still and I can't do any exercise beyond walking. The common flu is hard on me. i can't imagine what the coronavirus would do to me.
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    I was just like you. I've had asthma off and on since I moved to San Antonio at age 19. Now it's more chronic bronchitis, which falls under the COPD umbrella. I take Advair 500/50 twice a day and since I started using it 20 years ago or more, it's changed my life. I don't even carry a rescue inhaler any more. That was once unthinkable. The medicine may kill me someday, but its been worth it for the peace it has brought me. Now, I'm 70 and can do things I could never do when I was in my 30s and 40s (as long as I stay away from respiratory infections). If you haven't tried it, I'd recommend it.
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    I've tried Advair. It's okay but many of the newer asthma meds (Anoro, Breo) are better. I'm on Nucala, a biological drug, as well.
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    Well, I guess everybody has to find what works for their body. Good luck and DEGU (Don't Ever Give Up).
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    Interesting. I'd never heard of that. Amazing what they can do these days.
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    The corona virus arrives in San Antonio! I wonder if they had a brass band playing as they deplaned?

    I saw this airplane flying into Kelly Field/Lackland when I was coming back from lunch. I wondered if it was the one because it was such an unusually marked plane. Turns out it was. Wonder how much Kalitta Air charges the government to do this?

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    I've seen their planes fly in and out of Ramstein Air Base and Lajes Field in the Azores. They carry the food that stocks the Commissary. They're also the SOBs that ensure my tortilla chips are stale.
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    Trump DOES NOT have the virus.
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    Orange Man Bad!
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    ShortestHorn, are you an idiot? A functional idiot maybe, but you never make any sense. That picture is a obvious photoshop job and your caption is nonsensical. Is your residence Colorado?
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