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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Godz40acres, Jul 26, 2022.

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    Watch out for your cornhole, bud.
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    I wouldn’t disagree that next year could or should be better.

    We have a couple of elite players now or at least one elite with multiple guys that are next tier. I believe the talent level has been downplayed relative to our opponents. A guy like Jatavion is a wildcard. How good will he be? Will we see some of that this year? One of the unspoken issues with our blocking last year was the non-lineman. That could be much improved this year.

    Anything can happen but we are not without talent. And it’s not all freshmen either.
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    Good point. Better blocking by TE and RB can make a difference in a close game where big plays have outsized importance.
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    You may have misread my post...unless I am misunderstanding yours....
    The comments you quoted by me were comments referencing next year...'23
    (a more experienced QB and oline)

    I still get the gist of your post/sentiment
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    Overall, I see a better offense and defense than last year. I think we all do. To me this translates to 9-3 reg season.
    QB situation has me a little nervous. QE has no experience but I expect Card to come in and take over at some point. He played better toward the end of last season and I think he handles the pressure better than last season. I also think the new additions of the coaching staff including Patterson to make a difference. A more dynamic offense and better defense.
    The '23 season should be really good if we get our LB situation shored up. We lose overshown. But we are stout everywhere else.
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    I would say this is reasonable. I have been far less concerned about LB than most. I’m a bit obsessive about it due to curiosity and disagreement with others on it.

    It all starts upfront on both sides of the ball. I would rate our Oline performance way better than the Dline. I don’t remember the numbers exactly but our pressure rate from our dline was incredibly poor. Like Will Anderson had as many pressures as our entire line. Sweat and Coburn had 6 out of 370 snaps. We did not rush our backers much so the lack of pressure can’t really be attributed to them. The DBs were atrocious when in position at or near the LOS. I’m not talking just missing tackles but having a completely negative impact on the play. The Dline created little and didn’t keep the LBers clean.

    Last year, the critiques/accolades are inconclusive in my opinion.
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    I’m sure you guys laughed at my post, but did you see Sark use Keilan against ULM to run past the QB before the snap.
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    Here's your award for Greatest Something of All Time!

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    Texas premier football program wins the B12 championship. Apparently they know how to win.
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    Doing great regarding the Learfield Cup: soccer wins their first round game and cross country makes the ncaa finals. Texas football going bowling provides points not gained last year too.

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