heckuva speech, Trumpy


There are two thoughts about this. On one hand, the protesters are seeing what it is like when you attack actual power. I don't think the DNC will treat these protesters like the BLMers or Antifa attacking private property and suspending normal life for citizens. There is a chance to see who really wields the power on the Left. Is it the Democratic Party? Or is it the Harder Leftists in NGOs, universities, Foundations, and Thinktanks? I would love to see the DNC give it back real hard to these people and the disruption they cause.

On the other hand, I applaud the protesters actually threatening the state for once. They aren't beating up regular people who are trying to eat at a restaurant or walk down the street. They aren't throwing rock through peoples' homes in neighborhoods. They are protesting against some of the worst people in the world. If there is going to be protesting and rioting, this is the right target for that. The only thing is that the protesters are just as evil and misguided as the DNC. I don't want either side to win. The hope is that the Left is weakened as a result of the in-fighting.
But the J6ers are American and the violent rioters are fighting against America along with those in the managerial state who rule over us.
How am I being disingenuous? I simply asked a question.

What I really do not understand is why Jan 6th has been labeled an insurrection. It seems that a thousand people protesting an election are labeled insurrectionists (not overlooking that they should not have gone into the Capitol) vs. thousands looting and burning businesses. Many of the people in the former category are under investigation or in jail, hardly anyone in the latter category.

How many cops needed medical attention after those “peaceful protests”?
If they had been armed then it can be called an insurrection!

There is no such thing, in the typical use of the of the word..insurrection..to not be referring to an armed insurrection.

Otherwise every protest becomes an insurrection

Only a lack of security is to blame.

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