Immigrant trick-or-treaters

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by D_Wreck11, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Vanloads of immigrants are still ringing my doorbell at 10:15pm, and all the lights are off outside the house. And it's little kids like 5-10 years old with their parents behind them, hoping their pillow cases will soon be overflowing. WTF?! [​IMG]
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    Uh, you know they're immigrants how?
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    Another vote for [​IMG]
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    I was walking my dog about 9:30 last night and saw a car come in to our neighborhood, stopping in front of each house. A little girl, probably 8, was running up to each house. By the time I got back up the hill, she was coming off of our porch. 1) my wife wouldn't have answered the door anyway that late but 2) she is deaf so she didn't hear the doorbell, since I was walking it.

    As the kid bounds off of the porch, the mother yells at the kid "There he is.....go ask him". The kid comes running over to me and starts to yell "Trick or........".

    The dog doesn't tolerate kids very well at this point anyway, but here is an unknown kid running towards me, in the dark, with an unknown lady yelling at the kid. I had my hands full.

    Me yelling at the kid to stay away from the dog, the dog barking like mad and taking a serious run at the kid, and the kid still coming to me yelling Trick or Treat.

    If I had thought about it, I should have gone to the car and handed the parent the bag of dog **** I had in my hand.

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    I don't know about y'all but I always demand to see citizenship papers or, at minimum, a green card before I hand over any candy to children.
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    What about giving the kid some candy?
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    The rest of us handing out candy had no problem, but then again we were dressed as Immigration Officers.
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    I thought we were all immigrants at one time. Was this an irish family all dressed as leprechauns?
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    Yes this is very thought provoking. I love the deep meaning in this post. I see your point. Let me ponder for quite some time before responding. Very deep.
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    In defense of the original poster, I'm hoping by "immigrant trick-or-treaters" he meant trick-or-treaters who immigrated from other neighborhoods. We get a lot of those. My son and I walk and tricycle through the neighborhood a lot and I know every kid who lives in my 'hood. There were tons here last night that definitely don't live within a five block radius of me.

    I don't mind it, just something I notice every year. But our light goes off at 9:00 and someone ringing the bell with the light off would piss me off. No problems with it this year.
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    On the spot SSN verification or no candy corns for you !
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    Well, I did an identification papers check on all my trick or treaters. THey all *claimed* to be citizens, but those that looked obviously fake got an unshelled pecan; the American kids got Snickers bars.
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    I thought about being an immigrant in the Circle C b/c I heard it is fun over there. However, we didn't go b/c it is a weeknight. Maybe in a couple of years when my son can actually walk. We won't be taking a van though.

    My hood is pretty damn dead though there are plenty of kids. About a third of my neighbors participated last night.
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    this might be one of the greatest threads ever [​IMG]

    keep it coming [​IMG]
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    If they dont speak english at all they are most likely immigrants. I live in Miami, where everyone is an immigrant-citizen.

    Hispanics have different cultures than us. What if they were working class and didn't get out of work until late to take their kids out? At least they are with their kids. Just because they go out late doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to partake... however after 10 is pretty bad, and I would not likely have opened the door unless the pumpkin is still lit.
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    I was about to start a similar thread...

    my thread title... "halloween... is it wrong..."

    that I am bothered by kids from other neighborhoods coming into my neighborhood for candy??

    To me, its one thing if you have a kid coming to his grandmommy's house to trick or treat in that neighborhood. Its entirely another for van and truckloads to be dropped off with 10 kids coming out of each car!!

    I live in a deed restricted community with high HOA fees. It's similar to the feeling i get when someone NOT a part of my community is swimming in the pools and playing in the park for my community.

    Is it wrong to feel that way??
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    You should have dressed up like an INS Agent.
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    I took it the same as chuychanga. I hope D_Wreck meant it that way. The phenomenon of families from poorer neighborhoods invading the more prosperous sections of town has been going on as long as I can remember. I know we did it when I was a kid.

    The ringing the bell after 10:00, especially when the lights are off is a breech of trick-or-treat etiquette. There's probably a higher rate of these incidents when "immigrants" are involved, as neighbors who know you likely wouldn't want to risk pissing you off. The family from across town will risk pissing you off it there's the possibility of more candy. They are also more likely to not be wearing costumes, and to have adults in their party, even old women, who will hold out bags for candy.
  28. crash_davis

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    if you're up and you have candy left, what does it matter if they come @ 10:15? the kids are losing sleep, not you. it's their issue.

    i had the same thing happen to me. people not from my neighborhood coming by after 9. the porch lights were off but my window was open to let in the cool air and you could see from the street that i was up. they rang the doorbell. i was up and still had candy so i gladly handed them out. the kids were happy. i got rid of more candy that my kids won't be poluting their bodies with. its' win win.
  29. HornMafia

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    I plan on moving to a gated community just for this night.
  30. crash_davis

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    and while i'm on my halloween rant, that the hell has happened to halloween?

    as a i kid, i remember that the majority of the houses participated in halloween. in other words, most of the houses had their porch lights on inviting trick or treaters. it's a "holiday" for the kids. it's a right of passage for being a kid.

    you get money for losing teeth, you believe in santa and believed that he left you presents under the tree, and you trick or treated on halloween and got bags and bags of candy.

    last nigth and the last few years, it seems like more and more houses have porch lights off. what the f*ck? these people are not giving back. i'm sure as kids they enjoyed the loot and fun of halloween. and now they are not willing to reciprocate. selfish ********!!!!!

    and this goes back to the OP. it's also a right as a kid to get as much candy as possible. that's how as a kid you judge how fun and successful halloween is. so like a job, you earn more loot by working more houses and later into the night. don't be a selfish homeowner and deprive these kids their joys of youth. if you have candy, give it away. are you going to add candy to the list of things that you covet?

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