Immigrant trick-or-treaters

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by D_Wreck11, Nov 1, 2007.

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    You really need to take a reading comprehension course.
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    reading comprehension people!!!!!
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    you people handing out candy to these kids going around begging for it are just adding to THE EPIDEMIC OF OBESITY THAT IS RUNNING RAMPANT IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!! You are dooming these kids to the pain and suffering of toothdecay and type 2 diabetes!!! not to mention heart disease and some forms of colorectal cancer!!!!! I for one WILL NOT BE A PART OF THIS CHILD ABUSE!!! I hand out freeze dried brussel sprouts and broccoli to the little beggars, along with a note that says "get a job you little beggar bastard" in 8 languages.
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    Well now we know the truth. Gsoda is that one kid who always showed up before we were ready because everybody else waits til after dark.
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    I've been ignoring this thread for a while, but damn it....

    Halloween is fun and all, but I don't give a **** how much you or your kids like the fun and the candy, or how much the kids from the tough neighborhoods could use a smile, my family and I will participate on our own terms. I don't mean anything unreasonable. We just ask a few small things...

    -Wear a costume. Any attempt at all counts.
    -If you are in high school, do not come to my door. I will not give candy to a 16 year old in a bandanna with a water gun pretending (maybe) to be a gang member. We participate in halloween to make kids smile. I don't give a **** about bored adolescents. I was one once, and I made it to adulthood without free candy.
    -Do not come even one second after 9 pm. Our porch light will be off, which should be enough evidence that you're not wanted. But if it's not, look around the neighborhood and note that you're the only one out and about. I don't care if you work late and your kid hasn't gotten much candy. We get up early and our kid's sleep trumps your kid's desire for a year's supply of chocolate.
    -Say "trick or treat." Do not just stand there and look dumb. If you're parents haven't taught you that, learn from their mistakes, and don't go to OU.
    -Kids from any neighborhood are welcome. Just follow the above rules.
    -And say thank you, or gracias. Just show some appreciation, damn it.
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    It's candy, you cheap ********
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    This thread makes me wonder; if there was a simular event in which TX/OU tickets were given out in neighborhoods across town and some of those hoods were known for giving out better tickets, are we really to believe that there is the slightest chance that most of the posters bitching about "migrant tot" would not be "migrant ticket hawks"?

    Just a thought.
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    a trick when dealing with immigrant trick or treaters......
    do not under any circumstances let them reach in the bowl of candy....5 of them showed up at once last year and the entire bowl was gone when they left....make sure you evenly distribute to them yourself. next year i am handing out Chicklets.
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    you know as far as the "immigrant" trick or treaters go, the Canuk ones are the worst, they aren't satisfied with just candy, nooooooooooooooo, they want beer and back bacon and donuts, and they stand there in their toques and call you hoser and worse, eh? if you don't have it and last year I caught some of the little ******** icing a puck in my back yard.
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    1. So, what makes Halloween any different than the other days for these immigrants? They come to our neighborhoods uninvited, they have their hands out looking for free ****...

    2. I grew up on the border, and I can assure you this has been the standard for years. Just be thankful they didn't snatch your kid's bicycle!

    F the illegal aliens...

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